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CBC longlist. Thank you.

Back in October, my author L sliced an excerpt out of the novel she’s writing about me and entered it into competition for the CBC Short Story Prize. I’m happy to announce that this little piece of my life made … Continue reading

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Overheard in cafes

I don’t want you to be unduly nervous if, next time you’re sitting in a café having a nice conversation with friends, you see my author L at a nearby table, working. As I said, I don’t want you to … Continue reading

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My new man

It’s true I haven’t appeared here in months. I’ve been busy just trying to absorb all the changes my author L has written into the draft of the novel where I’m living. And now a new man has appeared in … Continue reading

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A manner of speaking

I once heard my author, L, tell another writer that her troubles with the novel she’s writing—the one where I’m the main character—became more manageable the day my voice finally came chattering up off the stack of manuscript pages on … Continue reading

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