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Tinkerbell syndrome

I am one happy character today. My author, L, has reopened my file and taken up writing about me again. It’s been a long, long time. She had a cartload of excuses. She was teaching. She was writer-in residence for … Continue reading

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Tour of L’s brain, stop 2: stencils

I didn’t make it to New York City with my author, L. It wasn’t for lack of trying: The night before she was to leave, I slipped inside her coil-bound notebook, the one she almost always carries. But she was … Continue reading

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Can I go too?

My author, L, is off to New York City in a few days, and the big question in my mind is, Will she take me along? I know L as well as anyone does, and I don’t think she’s made … Continue reading

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How to write in July

How to write in July? If you’re Canadian, don’t. My author, L, recently told me July is a very good time to take a holiday from writing. That includes blogging, she said, looking at me in a stern, parental way … Continue reading

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