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Kill your darlings

Kill your darlings. Throw them in the bin. Writers say that all the time. I’ve heard my author L say it under her breath, referring to portions of the novel she’s writing about me. I’ve seen her do it, and … Continue reading

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Oh, shush

According to The Onion, that organ of the satiric masterpiece, there’s a painting in a coffee shop in Madison, Wisconsin that’s recently found its voice. This report intrigues me for at least two reasons: not only am I a fictional … Continue reading

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What’s trashed is prologue

The prologue to the novel-in-progress has just been whisked away. Whoosh. I can still feel the breeze. Now it’s just me, Kate, making my dramatic entrance there on page one, and nothing to hide behind. What’s a character to do? … Continue reading

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Subject to change

My life is constantly under revision − my thoughts, actions, motivations, the words I say. The other day, someone asked my author, L, what she was working on and she said, I’m writing a novel.  You’re not writing a novel, … Continue reading

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