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A manner of speaking

I once heard my author, L, tell another writer that her troubles with the novel she’s writing—the one where I’m the main character—became more manageable the day my voice finally came chattering up off the stack of manuscript pages on … Continue reading

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Can I go too?

My author, L, is off to New York City in a few days, and the big question in my mind is, Will she take me along? I know L as well as anyone does, and I don’t think she’s made … Continue reading

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How to sail a canoe

I’m considering changing the name of this site. Maybe something like “Metaphors from the life of my author, L, and how they relate to my own story.” Too lengthy? Take sailing, for instance. Say you have three women, two in … Continue reading

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Subject to change

My life is constantly under revision − my thoughts, actions, motivations, the words I say. The other day, someone asked my author, L, what she was working on and she said, I’m writing a novel.  You’re not writing a novel, … Continue reading

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