Leona’s other books

 A sometimes funny, sometimes sad novel about messing up and finding hope. “The Art of Salvage deals with classic themes — family, heredity, and the influence of the past upon the present. If this novel were a painting, it would be a prairie landscape with small human figures tenaciously present in the stark division between earth and sky — the flat horizon an emotional tightrope.” (Review by backofthebook.ca, Canada’s online magazine.)

The Art of Salvage is published by Coteau Books.

Read more reviews at Leona’s web site.

CoverforpromoSightlines is a collection of interlocking stories that together form a portrait of a prairie town during the 1960s and early 1970s. Winner of two Saskatchewan book awards.

“Leona Theis writes of the accidents of small rebellion, courage and kindness that have the power to change who we are.” (Sandra Birdsell)

After a good twelve-year run, the traditional paper edition of Sightlines is now out of print. The new ebook is available from Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and various other Amazons.

Sightlines was originally published by Coteau Books. Read reviews at Leona’s web site.

The Occupations of Muriel Thompson won a CBC Literary Award for creative nonfiction. Muriel’s life is chronicled through a series of occupations, from amanuensis to terminal cancer patient. “Muriel Thompson” is a pseudonym for Phyllis Theis, the author’s mother. The second of Muriel’s occupations is lacemaker. Stitched to the cover of each copy of this hand-sewn, limited-edition chapbook is a lace floret from a larger piece made by Phyllis Theis in the 1960s. Illustrated by Kate Hodgson. Designed by Kate Hodgson and Leona Theis. Published by JackPine Press.

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