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The next big thing

My author L was recently tagged in an interview series called “The Next Big Thing.”  It’s also called “The Blog Tour That Runs Itself.” Writers answer eight questions about a work in progress, and then they tag other writers to … Continue reading

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CBC longlist. Thank you.

Back in October, my author L sliced an excerpt out of the novel she’s writing about me and entered it into competition for the CBC Short Story Prize. I’m happy to announce that this little piece of my life made … Continue reading

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Adventures in Kindling

We built small blazes at first. Built them for the smell of fire nibbling at straw, for the thrill of the sudden flare. And for the drama of the miniature world we imagined down in the grass, burning up. The … Continue reading

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Overheard in cafes

I don’t want you to be unduly nervous if, next time you’re sitting in a café having a nice conversation with friends, you see my author L at a nearby table, working. As I said, I don’t want you to … Continue reading

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