I’m free!

CoverforpromoHere is news to lighten a winter day: For a limited time, my author L is making the Kindle version of her first book, Sightlines, available absolutely free. You can download it anytime Friday, March 8, through Sunday, March 10. Once you have it, it’s yours. It won’t smash like a pumpkin once the promotion ends.

I hesitate to interrupt this blog – which typically tries to say something worthwhile about writing and/or the creative process in every post – in order to present this promotional message, but, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am the character who narrates the first and last stories in Sightlines. This was my first appearance in print.

Beginning Friday morning (just after midnight), you can download the free Kindle version of Sightlines from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. The promotion runs till midnight Sunday (Pacific Time).

If you don’t own a Kindle reader, free Kindle software is available for smartphones, iPods, iPads, personal computers and lord knows what other devices. If you have friends who like free books, please let them know, or share this post.

Of course, the hope with any free promotion is that people will not only download the book, they’ll read it as well. And if one or two or three of the readers feel so moved, they’ll put up a review at Amazon. That last part, of course, is entirely up to readers. It’s out of my hands, and out of L’s as well.

Always Under Revision is a series of posts in the voice of Kate Mueller, the protagonist of a novel-in-progress by Leona Theis.

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2 Responses to I’m free!

  1. What a generous idea, L!

  2. M. Hatzel says:

    Reblogged this on Weyburn Writers' Group and commented:
    Hi everyone. Here’s a post from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan writer Leona Theis, from her blog… for this weekend only you can get your hands on her short story collection for free from Amazon. I’ve been reading Leona’s blog since meeting her when she was writer in residence for the SWG last year. If I understand correctly, her next book centers on a character from her stories in Sightlines.

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